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Regional leaders in smart selling platforms.

The future of real estate sales, contact us.

about us

We are a communication and technology company that created an intelligent sales platform designed for the Real Estate market. To do this, we design micro-segmented digital campaigns throughout Latin America, to attract and nurture customers / buyers.

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With 30 years of experience in the communication market, and after having directed his Advertising Agency and Audiovisual Production Company, he founded DIVELL a company that prioritizes Ideas and content in the Inbound Marketing process, all integrated into a digital platform and regional. This new sales concept created for Real Estate is positioned against the new normal as the future of commercialization of real estate developments.

Guillermo Mutis
Founding Partner

Divell media plan

Inbound Marketing

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Through the generation of specialized creative content. We focus this on paid advertisements in multi-segmented digital media of regional reach.


An adequate communication and media strategy turns that first visit or interest into a potential client. Through artificial intelligence in the use of different algorithms, we identify and capture the quality prospect.


Through our Omnichannel Platform of regional reach and with different technologies assembled and working in layers, we turn that prospect into a Qualified Lead ready to be assigned to the commercial area.


Our network of associated Brokers located in different cities in Latin America close the sales. They are also in charge of legal and commercial consultations during the commercial operation.

Divell Power Lead
Divell Direct Sale

Sales Process


When the leads enter the commercial stage, they receive finer and more detailed information about said units, such as pricing.


In the monitoring process we have a team that works as support for the commercial area of each project. This benefits the sales process, with the teams working together.


In the negotiation stage, we incorporate and advise the client legally and financially. We also provide financing alternatives if necessary.


With the contracts already closed and the parties in agreement, the sales contract is signed. The operation is completed and a lead is transformed into a client of our network.